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Red, White and Black by Emma Ferraro is a wonderful novella about how grief affects us all. Raquel “Red” Reeves is just trying to fit in and slide by under the radar as she begins her sophomore year. She doesn’t want to be special in anyone’s eyes-particularly not in the eyes of a guy her mother set her up with-but her heart has other ideas. Soon Red finds herself dreaming of new possibilities with fresh confidence. However when tragedy strikes, Red is left to discover how far she is willing to go to bring herself closure, peace, and, finally, confidence. Emma wrote Red, White and Black while she was 16 years old and published it a year later.

The Seven Princesses

This trilogy was written by Elizabeth Hunt starting at the young age of 13. The series follows the seven princesses of Ker Læil as they learn who they are and restore balance to their realm. By the time Elizabeth was 16 the series was complete and over 900 pages long. Learn more about each book below:

Book 1: Quest to Arcadia

‘Tania and her sisters have never been normal, they’re septuplets, but on their sixteenth birthday they are swept into Faerie where they find out just how different they really are. ‘Tania and her six sisters are actually the long lost princesses of Ker Læil. Each one is gifted with a special power that will help them save the world from total destruction. But first they must learn how to use their powers and journey across the Island of Others to Arcadia to try and find out what is going to destroy the world; for the prophecies are unclear. On the way the sisters face challenge after challenge as they travel across deserts, forests, jungles, and mountains. Will the girls make it back by the New Year? If they don’t, the world will have to face the invasion alone…

Book 2: Ancient Evils

‘Tania and her six sisters, the long lost princesses of Ker Laeil, are back and stronger than ever. They can use their powers and they have a basic knowledge of what is going to attack them. But now the New Year is here and the princesses are training harder than ever. The invasion is at hand and ’Tania and her sisters must completely master their powers to defeat the evils that are awakening. If they don’t? The world will be overrun by monsters and consumed by darkness.

Book 3: The Seventh Prophet

It has been almost a year since the battle with the Dictator and the final battle is drawing closer. But political tension is on the rise and the girls are separated as the day of battle approaches. Will the girls be able to find their way back together again in time to win? Or will darkness and despair rule Faerie forevermore?

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